Hormone therapy for men: measurement of levels and treatment of testosterone deficiency

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy for men: measurement of levels and treatment of testosterone deficiency

Feeling unwell, irritable, tired, and bothered by sudden sweats? Yep, it sounds like menopause has started, but that’s not the case this time around. It is an adult male testosterone deficiency that is partly reminiscent of menopausal ailments, as both are about changes and disorders in hormonal function.

Hormone therapy for men – when treatment is needed

Testosterone is a sex hormone, one of the male hormones found in the body. In women, the hormone is secreted in the ovaries and adrenal glands, while in men, it is secreted in the testicles. For this reason, men’s problems with testosterone levels are always due to testicular production disorders.

Unfortunately, there is no generally accepted limit value for reduced levels based on research results. Usually, however, the limit is set at 10.4 nmol / l (300 ng / dL). This reading is based on the views of experts from endocrinological associations, as well as several studies conducted on the subject, which have been based on the observational method. However, it must be remembered that the levels are individual.

Testing testosterone levels is worthwhile if you suffer from troublesome symptoms.

Many men seek medical attention due to unusual and unexplained symptoms, including the following:

  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction, impotence, and cessation of morning erections: male testosterone levels peak in the morning
  • Decreased muscle strength and endurance: impaired athletic performance
  • Difficulty sleeping: sleep is intermittent
  • Memory impairment
  • The decrease in beard growth
  • Sweating and hot flashes
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Obesity and an increase in fat percentage
  • Osteoporosis, or bone loss and bone fragility
  • Impairment of the ability to work
  • Melancholy
  • As we can see, the spectrum of symptoms is very diverse and may not be associated with hormonal activity. They affect, so to speak, both the body and the main body. The mental impact is especially evident in unattractiveness and irritability.

Average testosterone production increases muscle mass while reducing fat accumulation, but unfortunately, it affects more than just appearance, as improved muscle endurance and fat burning also help protect the heart.
Vague symptoms should always be investigated. The things we mentioned above may also be related to other illnesses and lifestyle issues, including signs of sugar metabolism, excessive alcohol and drug use, unhealthy diet, and depression.

Testosterone deficiency in an adult man

Testosterone levels in adults and even men under the age of 40 have started to fall sharply. This is suspected to be due to exposure to chemicals in the fetus and child. These chemicals include phthalates, several currently banned pesticides and toxins, and the materials Teflon and Goretex.

Testosterone is known to maintain the masculine characteristics typical of a man. Hence, as testosterone decreases, the man’s body gets more feminine features: the fat increases, and the hair decreases.

Testosterone deficiency in an elderly man

Testosterone levels in older men can fluctuate significantly from one individual to another. The differences are genetic and, on the other hand, due to environmental impacts and lifestyles. Testosterone deficiency is likely to be more common in older men than in young men, and the decrease in value observed in a laboratory test does not require treatment unless there are other symptoms.

Testosterone deficiency test: timing and results of the blood test

Testosterone levels are always measured with a blood test, as a diagnosis can never be made based on symptoms alone. The testosterone test (S-Testo) is preferably performed in the morning before ten o’clock because the values ​​are naturally at their highest. Studies do not require fasting.

As mentioned, the general limit is usually 10.4 nmol / l, but some scientific figures have also suggested limit values ​​of 8 to 12.1 nmol / l. These are widespread and average readings and do not take into account, for example, the age of the patient.

Testosterone deficiency therapies

Quite naturally, testosterone deficiency can be treated with zinc, as this nutrient plays a crucial role in testosterone metabolism. Also, proper intake of vitamin D must be ensured. It is recommended that normal testosterone levels be maintained through a generally healthy lifestyle, exercise, striving for average weight, avoiding stress, and smoking tobacco and avoiding alcohol.If grabbing a vitamin from a jar and making lifestyle changes do not work, testosterone deficiency can also be effectively treated with a variety of treatments prescribed by your doctor. Alternatives are gel, tablets, or intramuscular injection. Vidalista 20 and Cenforce 200 to treat ed.

Testosterone replacement therapy is a controversial solution. Testosterone replacement therapy, and androgen replacement therapy, is a controversial solution. On the other hand, extra testosterone may protect against type 2 diabetes, but it also increases prostate cancer risk. Oral replacement therapy for older men may increase heart and kidney disease risk and raise blood pressure. Too high a test level has also been linked to cardiac deaths.

In replacement therapy, the testes’ testosterone production stops when the pituitary-hypothalamic joint system notices that the hormone levels in the body are high. Hormone therapy can completely stop a man’s testosterone production.

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