How to use QuickBooks on multiple computers at the same time

use QuickBooks on multiple computers at the same time

It is obvious for any company to have many employees for better work operations and maintaining transparency in the job done has created a requirement for using QuickBooks on multiple computers at the same time. Many times the work is assigned to many employees. If one is handling the income and expenditure then others may be handling the balance sheet and other related work. Therefore companies have to make their employees share the QuickBooks software at different workstations at the same time. And readers you might be thinking about what are the possible ways by which we allow many users to use QuickBooks on their computers. Let us tell you that the basic QuickBooks version never allows many users at the same time but multi users’ mode is to be enabled so as to give access to QuickBooks to many users.

Use QuickBooks on multiple computers

For using QuickBooks on more than one computer, its file needs to be share by following some easiest steps.

  1. Intuit Data Transfer Utility is to be installed and downloaded. You need to download it on the primary computer which hosts the company file.
  2. The company file from the secondary computer is to be pasted on to the primary computer. You can take it back up on disk and then transfer the company file from the host computer to the secondary computer.
  3. Open QuickBooks file on a secondary computer. The first File menu is to be chosen thereafter open company file on the secondary computer.
  4. In the Export data from the source company button, the open-source company is to be selected.
  5. If QuickBooks is not running, you can choose Yes; with this access to QuickBooks can be permitted to other users also.
  6. Within the data transfer utility in Currently Connected to the field, you need to choose the close button.
  7. In QuickBooks, you need to click on Check the file menu thereafter close company is to be chosen.
  8. The file option is to be clicked thereafter open or reinstate company is to be clicked thereafter open a company is to be chosen.
  9. There you will see Destination Company data import. Now choose the Destination Company of Disk Transmission Utility.
  10. The application can be accessed to use personal data by clicking Yes as it always permits access. Even if QuickBooks is not responding.

    Options like yes, continue and done can be clicked.
  11. In the data transfer utility, there is an option currently connected to. It is to be closed by clicking on close.
  12. The file menu is to be selected thereafter close company in QuickBooks is to be selected.
  13. The information that you need to import can be chosen by clicking the type of data and change the button in the data transfer utility option.
  14. And the last option is to navigate on to Import data into Destination in the data transfer utility option thereafter import data button is to be clicked.

We hope by following the above-mentioned steps you must be able to synchronize the files between two computers.

Now we will go through the easy steps for sharing desktop version between two computers.

Steps for sharing QuickBooks desktop version to multiple computers

You need to set your file on multi-user host mode in order to allow multiple computers to interact with the host file.

Here are some steps to turn on Host:

  • Navigate on to file menu, utilities is to be chosen.
  • Host multi-user access is to be selected.
  • Now yes is to be chosen to confirm.

You need to follow the below steps once you turn on the host:

  • First of all, check your computer server by which physical computer file is stored.
  • Navigate to the Start menu and search for the database at the computer which hosts the company file or we can say server computer.
  • QuickBooks database server manager is to be selected from the resulting dropdown.
  • The folder location must be showed by default to save the company files. In case it is not showing you need to browse the folder in order to save the file.
  • QuickBooks can be made to communicate with other networks by enabling it using start scan by which all firewall permission will get the repair.
  • QuickBooks can be opened in multi-user mode for different workstations once they start scan gets completed.

We hope you find this article helpful in understanding the various steps of using QuickBooks on multiple computers at the same time. However, if you still find any difficulty, please feel free to take our expert’s help.