Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fantasy IPL

Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fantasy IPL

With the start of IPL 2020 and cricketers returning to the game after a big break, fans will get plenty of action. This has also given the fantasy cricket industry a boost as the game resumes after a very long time. The title sponsor of IPL 2020 is Fantasy 11, an app for fantasy cricketers.

This has also made the concept of fantasy cricket even more popular. It is an innovative format where you pick your own team of 11 players before the match itself. If these players then perform well in a real match, you earn points. The player with the most points wins.

While most of the above concepts are familiar, many people don’t know much about the game of Fantasy Cricket.

Here’s a list of five things you should know when playing Fantasy IPL cricket.

  1. Captains and vice-captains get more points. 

When you pick a team, you also need to pick a captain and a vice captain. Most fantasy cricket players ignore this fact and randomly pick any player for these positions. But since they earn about 2 to 1.5 times more than the average player, they must be chosen wisely. It is best to pick all-rounders like captain and vice-captain in any given IPL cricket match, who will give you points by bowling and batting.

  1. Fantasy cricket IPL is a strategic game. 

When most people hear about fantasy cricket, they think it is a game or a game of chance. However, this is far from the truth. It is actually a game of understanding. Knowledge of cricket is what gives fantasy cricket players an edge. If you study and get more information about the game, you can make the right decisions. By playing fantasy cricket you can increase your knowledge about IPL live score cricket. 

  1. Best Bowlers. 

Many players focus more on batsmen than on cricketers, which is a bad practice. However, before choosing a bowler, it is important to check the pitch and weather conditions as they can affect the bowling style. For example, if the pitch is slow, a fast bowler will not be successful.

  1. The foundation of the IPL team is important: 

Our team is actually made up of players from the two teams playing the tournament itself, and several players should be from the strongest team. This is because players from the stronger teams are likely to perform better in IPL 2020 matches.

  1. Selecting the best batsmen: 

It is best to select the highest ranked batsmen in the team as it can be confirmed that they will definitely play. It is also possible that they will play the most balls. The key to scoring well in IPL fantasy cricket is to remember all the important points and apply them when necessary. The above 5 points will also help you in selecting players. Fantasy cricket is one of the best ways to make extra money this IPL season.